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The long Covid associated conditions addressed in the programme are:


Dysautonomia – caused by Vagal nerve inflammation. This is the disordered autonomic nervous system that leads to symptoms such as palpitations, a fast heart rate on movement, fluctuating blood pressure, poor digestion, kidney function, hot sweats and difficulty maintaining temperature control, dizziness, light-headedness and many nerve disorders.


Lung problems such as shortness of breath, a tight chest, trapped mucous in the lung tissue and lung damage


Mitochondrial dysfunction


Anxiety associated with long Covid


Chronic infection


Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS)

Lymphatic toxicity


Low oxygen levels, intake and uptake


• Low CO2 levels


• Low Nitric Oxide levels


Many of the above result from a disordered immune system. The programme starts with Jane explaining what is happening in the body and brains of long haulers. It then covers the following basic approaches to the treatment of long Covid (as well as M.E, CFS and other post-viral syndromes.)


Breathlessness and shallow or rapid breathing  – breathing has gone wrong post-Covid. We deal with numerous different approaches to breathing and breath retraining, depending on the desired effect, be it the gases we are trying to increase or balance, slowing a rapid breath, deepening a shallow breath, elongating the out-breath, nose breathing, increasing Nasal Nitric Oxide production, absorption and use, calming fight or flight with the breath, increasing lung and chest capacity, Patrick McKeown breathing and Wim Hof breathing


For vagal nerve inflammation, Jane teaches you Vagus nerve stimulation techniques and helps you understand  the role of the vagus nerve in long Covid.


For lymphatic toxicity, Jane's close colleague, Osteopath Daniel Baines, teaches you The Perrin Technique™ for lymphatic drainage of the body and brain and how it is essential in long Covid


For chronic infection we:

• Harness the power of Infrared Light

• Harness the therapeutic use of heat and the infrared heat from sunlight and moonlight

• Harness the therapeutic use of cold

• Harness the anti-viral phytoncides from trees by going for a daily, a simple walk in the woods or park


For very stubborn chronic infection we:

• Explore time-restricted Eating (brought to you by my colleague Daniel Baines M. OST, functional medicine practitioner

• Explore nutrition for long Covid (also brought to you by Daniel Baines) 

• Explore supplementation for long Covid (also brought to you by Daniel Baines.)

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