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Completely Natural Long Covid Treatment Programme.

Start to get your life back! - be that returning to work or just getting out of bed.

                 The AntiViral Life™ programme for Long Covid is a complete and easy, natural treatment protocol for

Long Covid! Follow gentle exercises and self-treatments that heal at a profound level. 

            The contents of the AntiViral Life™ programme for Long Covid will offer some relief from Long Covid symptoms. 

         Don’t be afraid of Long Covid.

Don't be its hostage.

Understand it, then fight it with the contents of this special programme.

Devised and produced by state-registered, primary healthcare official, Jane Reynolds,

who suffered from Long Covid and healed herself while developing this programme.

You are in safe hands!

BREATHING for Long Covid

YOGA for Long Covid

Restore co-ordinated breathing. 

Doctors, breathing experts, hospitals, osteopaths and physiotherapists all agree that a respiratory infection like Covid disrupts the breathing pattern, seriously weakens the lungs and alters lung function. So, breath retraining is a crucial part of your Long Covid recovery. State Registered Osteopath Jane Reynolds had Long Covid herself and during that time devised, trialled and refined breath retraining techniques on both herself and her Long Covid patients. In this course, Jane explains what Covid does to the lungs and how breath retraining can force them to heal. She then offers 11 different breathing exercises which she explains, demonstrates in video and audio and guides you through step-by-step. All are different and may focus on:

improving nose breathing

increasing oxygen levels

improving nitric oxide and carbon dioxide levels

increasing nitric oxide production in the nose

clearing mucous trapped in the lungs

improving breathing rate

improving the ratio of outbreath to inbreath

increasing chest and lung capacity

improving gaseous exchange that is limited by poor lung function.

As well as offering her own techniques she also covers breath retraining practices from the Mount Sinai long COVID rehabilitation clinic in New York, the National Health Service (NHS), well-known breathing expert Patrick McKeown and the ‘Ice Man’ Wim Hof.

Nasal nitric oxide still.png

Easily maintain muscle tone without the crash!

Most long haulers can’t exercise without crashing one or two days after exertion. Even super-fit people before Covid. Yoga is different! Even if there is not an obvious post-exertional malaise, with worsening of long COVID symptoms, exercise puts a strain on the body of long haulers that those bodies do not want or need.

Yoga is different! It strengthens and stretches muscles, loosens joints and enhances blood flow and lymphatic flow around the body, as well as gently challenging the lungs, all without putting strain on the heart  (cardio-vascular) and nervous systems. It is the perfect exercise for long haulers.

State Registered Osteopath Jane Reynolds suffered from Long COVID herself for over a year and during that time she worked with a well-known yoga practitioner to devise gentle but targeted yoga movements for bed-bound or housebound long haulers who risk becoming deconditioned through lack of movement. Yoga for Long COVID provides you with five 12 minute classes, each designed to help people suffering from fatigue, brain-fog, dysautonomia, muscle and joint pain, stress, anxiety or many breathing disorders. Followers of the course are advised to practice up to three of these short classes a day.

The morning class will gently awaken, stretch, enliven and nurture your body and breath. You have a choice of two daytime classes – one very gentle class for the bedbound and the other slightly more challenging standing class for those who feel able. The evening class will stretch, soothe and unwind your body whilst soothing the mind. And a special Bonus class has been designed for you, to open, stretch and strengthen the lungs – crucial for long haulers!

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