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about jane 

Jane Reynolds is the founder and creator of the AntiViral Life™ Programme for Long Covid. She is a Registered Osteopath in the UK and has been treating people with M.E., CFS and Fibromyalgia for over 20 years. She was a long hauler herself after catching Covid in the first wave (March 2020). Housebound for many months and unable to see patients for 6 months, she researched, trialled and formalised a completely natural treatment protocol for long Covid, which does not rely on supplements or medication. Jane was able to reduce her symptoms and get back to the job she loved, with her own programme, which she named The AntiViral Life™ programme for Long COVID.

The questions Jane asked herself when she was sick with long Covid were:

* Is Covid still active within my body or is this happening due to damage left by the virus? 

* How is long Covid similar to M.E. and other post-viral syndromes?

* How does long Covid differ from M.E. and other post-viral syndromes?

* Why can't I breathe properly?

* Why am I getting heart palpitations?

* Why do I get feverish and then shivery?

* Why am I developing new allergies?

* Why is my skin breaking out in rashes?

* Why am I feeling pain throughout, or in different parts of my body?


Jane was also hospitalised for IV antibiotics while suffering from long Covid

because her immune system was unable to deal with bacterial infections.

'Why was this?' she asked herself.


The medical doctors Jane saw did not recognise long Covid at the time. Even if they suspected it was a new condition, they could not answer any of the questions she asked them. Three separate G.Ps (known as a Primary Care Physicians in the U.S.) told her that until a drug was licensed for use in the U.K. for long Covid they could not help her. A cardiologist told her there was nothing wrong with her heart or cardiovascular system yet she was almost fainting when standing up and her heart rate and blood pressure were fluctuating from high to low. A scan of her lungs showed nothing wrong with her lungs, yet she was short of breath and dizzy.


'What do I and all the other long haulers in the world do?' she asked herself, aware that time was not on the side of long-haulers and that the virus was still causing damage in her body and brain while she was supposed to lie back and wait. 'No way!' she thought so she worked on designing the The AntiViral Life™ programme for Long Covid. 


All the clients who followed The AntiViral Life™ programme for Long Covid, which was launched in February 2022,  have improved and some have even been kind enough to film a testimonial. 

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